For many people a job in the sports industry may appear to be an unattainable goal. The competition, the lack of knowledge about where to start or simply not being sure of what kind of work is available can all be barriers for entrance into this business. Our goal is to create a universal space to help anyone (both males and females) interested in working in the organisational and management aspects of sports. We understand the difference between being a sports fan and a sports professional. Our focus is to elucidate how sports are run and dissect all the business aspects of the sport. We explain to those who want to work in the sports industry the importance of sports in our society and what makes sports different from any other form of entertainment. Through our platform we will provide guidance and tips, explain myths and grant access to valuable information for anyone wanting to enter or learn more about this vast and dynamic industry.

The Sports Executive Path was founded by Saam Momen. The idea of the platform was inspired by the many messages received by him on LinkedIn which concentrated around one focal point: how to enter the sports industry?

"I have a true passion for teaching and have proudly taught university courses in Switzerland, USA and Brazil. I hope that throughout the TSEP courses you are able to have a wonderful learning experience! Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or want to discuss any ideas."

Saam is an independent sport business professional who has over 15 years of involvement with the world of sports. He has vast experience in restructuring projects and bridging the gap between sponsors, clubs, federations, athletes, ex-athletes and other sport professionals. His involvement with the sports industry started in a series of world-class sports events in Brazil as a volunteer. Further knowledge was then acquired when obtaining a Master’s degree at the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AiSTS) based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Following graduation he began his professional career at UEFA in 2005. Since then Saam has been expanding his connections within the world of sports: he has worked 8 years at UEFA in the Football Operations division, 

he has been involved in a number of projects with CSM,  one of the global leaders in sports marketing, including at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. He has coordinated complex projects with TEAM Marketing involving live events for the UEFA Champions League to multiple countries and he is acting as a facilitator among several entities within the sports business. Saam is also a current active member of the Harvard Alumni Angels (Brazil). His entrepreneurial spirit and the knowledge gained through his investments in start-up companies are being applied to his involvement in sports. The Sports Executive Path has now grown with collaborators engaging in course content-creation and being able to share their knowledge in this truly inspiring platform.